Become a Europaband dealer

By registering as a reseller with Europaband, you will have access to discounts and preferential rates on all products in our range, as well as a privileged link with our teams.

How does it work?

Once you've logged in as a reseller, you'll be able to access dedicated rates directly from your account, create quotations and place orders at the right rates.

There are no conditions to meet, apart from having a valid SIREN number in the events, communications, advertising or printing sector, and placing orders online on the site with payment by credit card or bank transfer.

How do I become a reseller?

Create your account on our website.

Once you've registered, send an email to with your Kbis and give us the email address you used to register on our site.

After verifying your details, we'll send you an email to let you know that your account has become a reseller account.

White label

Delivery can be made directly to your customer under white label (no mention of our services).

Europaband's name will never appear on the documents you wish to print.