Tyvek wristbands: the tear-proof, waterproof personalized paper wristband for events!

Discover our range of tyvek event wristbands for your parties and festivals! High-quality, low-cost tearproof paper wristbands.

The use of wristbands is much appreciated by many people. And there's no denying that there's a wide range of models, each as practical as the next. So there's something for everyone. Personalized tyvek bracelets, for example, are also very popular with the public. Would you like to personalize yours too? If so, why not take a look at Europaband?

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Tyvek wristbands with black marking

When you go to Europaband to buy your bracelet, you must follow certain steps. This is why you must first select the colour you prefer the most from the 15 available. After that, you can then personalize your evening paper bracelet by writing the text of your choice. You will finally be able to place your order, knowing that the minimum quantity must be 50.

For 50 tyvek event bracelets, the unit price is estimated at £0.16 . These models with markings are exactly what you need for sporting or cultural events that do not last long (one or two days at most). Strong and comfortable, these cheap tyvek bracelets are designed to resist tearing. As for their length, it is 250 mm and can be adjusted to create an ideal festival paper bracelet.

In addition, since our color paper bracelets are easy to customize, the possibility of fraud by reproduction will be significantly reduced. This is one of the reasons why event organizers are increasingly turning to this solution. Please also note that after ordering, they can be obtained within 24 hours.

Tyvek wristbands without marking

These unmarked evening paper bracelets have an invariable size of 19 mm. When you finish choosing a colour, you should know that the quantity to order must be at least 50. In addition, it must be done in fifty. When you decide to buy 50 event paper bracelets for example, the unit price is £0.066 and it decreases as the number of items increases.

Thus, for 100 copies, it rises to £0.034 and for 500, it is £0.034. Once your order is launched, it takes 24 hours to prepare it. Impossible to tear, these tyvek bracelets are robust and their closure is made thanks to a very resistant adhesion. In addition, the absence of marking on these tear-proof paper bracelets gives you the possibility to customize them later to your taste.

Available in 15 different colours, these self-adhesive paper bracelets are very practical for people who want to make sure that there will be no fraud when they organize their events. It is therefore no coincidence that these types of inexpensive paper bracelets are appreciated by professionals in the world of events.

Tyvek wristbands with four-colour marking

As far as the choice of these printed tyvek bracelets is concerned, the colours are no longer to be taken into account. Just select your personalization message and a minimum quantity of 50 templates. As far as costs are concerned, you should know that for 50 items, the unit price is £0.36 while for 500 models, it is £0.12. There is therefore a significant decrease in prices each time the number of bracelets increases.

As for the duration of the design of our tyvek paper event bracelets, it ranges from 24 h to 48 h at most, unlike our fabric festival bracelets, which can be worn for several months. Which is still pretty fast. They are printed in four-colour process and are easy to use. Comfortable, they can be worn for one or two days and are compatible with all wrist circumferences.