Woven fabric

Woven Lanyards

Europaband, your specialist in customizable Lanyards, lets you weave your company's name into these high-quality fabric models. These elegant, comfortable lanyards will help you organize a trade show, an exhibition, a seminar, a concert, a festival, a sports event or any other important event. They make it easy to identify participants, exhibitors and special guests. Choose from 4 customizable models.

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Classic woven Lanyards

If you want simplicity for your event, but without neglecting class, this classic woven promotional lanyard is ideal. It has a printable area 450 mm long on which you can place your text and logo. Available widths are 10 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm and 25 mm. As for the type of hook, you can choose between an eco model, a plastic hook, a snap hook and an alligator clip. Of course, you can also choose the colour you want for your classic woven Lanyards. The 3-colour weave used by Europaband for this model ensures high-quality branding.

Woven Lanyards with safety clip

Also available in several colours and customisable with the text and logo of your choice, this model of woven Lanyards features a safety clip. It's always reassuring to wear this kind of lanyard to an event, as the risks of strangulation and choking are often present. In fact, the fastener opens automatically when someone pulls the lanyard with force, or when it gets caught in a place. In short, this promotional lanyard lets you organise your events with peace of mind. What's more, it's comfortable and attractive.

Woven Lanyards with detachable clip

This fabric lanyard features a detachable clip for optimum practicality. Whether the wearer uses it to hang a badge, card, mobile phone, bunch of keys, bottle opener or any other object, they don't need to remove the entire lanyard to use it. The detachable clip makes the lower part of the lanyard removable. If you need to, you can remove this part in a single movement. Europaband also uses 3-colour weaving to personalise this event Lanyards with detachable clip.

Woven lanyard with safety clip and detachable clip

Do you want an all-in-one woven lanyard that has both a safety clip and a detachable clip? Then this model is definitely for you! As well as ensuring its wearer's safety, it also offers maximum practicality, not to mention elegance and flexibility. What's more, it's a top-of-the-range personalisable promotional lanyard that you can have for a very reasonable price. Simply select the right width, the type of hook, provide the personalisation text and choose the colour you need.