Vinyl wristbands, tamper-proof and totally waterproof

These bracelets are made from numerous layers of vinyl, making them highly resistant and comfortable to wear. As a result, they can easily be worn for days or even weeks at a time. Vinyl wristbands are strong and durable, even when worn in relatively harsh conditions such as those encountered in amusement parks, vacation clubs or duringaquatic activities. Because vinyl is waterproof, these bracelets are water-resistant and long-lasting. The comfort they represent also makes them suitable for use in hospitals as identification bracelets to mark the identity of each patient.

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Characteristics of vinyl wristbands

The Europaband website offers interesting vinyl wristbands. These cheap vinyl wristbands have a number of features including comfort, waterproofing and robustness.

A waterproof tool

You have the possibility to put these wristbands in your shower, in the swimming pool or anywhere else under quite complex conditions. They are waterproof and very resistant to water.

Thanks to their unique and impossible to copy fastening system, there is no risk of losing them. They do not easily slip off your wrist. Also, if you personalise your vinyl wristbands, they are impossible to reproduce. Your wristband is unique.

A durable wristband

The vinyl wristbands that Europaband makes available to you are designed by professionals who have not skimped on the vinyl layers to obtain a solid tool.

This solidity does not affect their comfort. They are small and light. And you don't need to look at them at all times as they can't slip off your wrists easily.

They are practical and will help you limit the risk of fraud during your events. You have the option to choose from a variety of colours. Choose the ones that match the theme of your party. It is also advisable to choose bright colours that allow you to quickly identify your guests from a distance.

Personalising your wristband

Vinyl wristbands from the Europaband platform can be personalised. This personalisation is desirable as it allows you to better distinguish the participants of your events.

You can have the name of your structure, your logo or simply a slogan written on it, which will make all the difference. To do this, simply determine the length of your wristband. It can be 0.19 cm or 0.25 cm, then choose the colours of your choice. You can choose from:

Pink, a colour much appreciated by women for its attractive and sparkling character.

 Blue which is a sober colour that is very much appreciated by people in general, regardless of their gender.

Purple: is a colour that lies between red and blue. It is very popular among women and has a sparkling side.

Apart from these colours, you can choose from about ten colours, specify the number of wristbands you want and place your order.

Price of vinyl wristbands

Europaband's custom vinyl wristbands are available for any budget. When you order 50 of these wristbands, we sell them to you for 1300 €. You receive a discount when your order is 5000 wristbands. In this case, the unit is offered at 0,390 €.