Satin pins are an excellent promotional tool. We can print your logo or event details on the pin for excellent brand awareness. You can also use them to support charity events by using different coloured ribbons as pins to represent the colour of the cause.

The process of printing your logo on the pins is called sublimation printing. It involves inserting the ribbon into the printer and passing it through a series of heating and cooling cycles. The image printed on the ribbon is made up of ink that turns into a gas when it reaches a certain temperature, passing from one chamber to another. When this gas reaches the second chamber, it cools and reverts to a particle, which forms the image on the ribbon. This process ensures that no residue remains in your pins when they are printed.

Our satin pins are made from polyester ribbon and printed with the customer's colour or logo. They can be personalised in quantities of 50 or more. They are an excellent promotional tool for anyone in the business sector who needs to promote their logo or brand.