Our identification wristbands

Whatever the material used in the manufacture of our products, we guarantee that they will stand up to any test of strength and reliability. If your events last longer than a day, opt for one of our Tyvek event wristbands, which are as tearproof as they are waterproof.

Silicone, vinyl, fabric, plastic and synthetics are just some of the materials used in our production chain to create products to suit all your needs. We even have a range for hospitals.

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Our lanyards

Discover our range of customisable lanyards. Colour printing on both sides, screen printing and weaving are available on our satin finish polyester, nylon, woven and tubular models. And don't forget our range of badge holders in different sizes to suit all your needs.

We offer lanyards from 10mm to 25mm wide with various accessories. You can create your own lanyards using our configurator. 

Our flexible PVC badge holders are ideal for business cards and access badges up to A6 size for trade fairs and exhibitions.

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EuropaBand is the specialist in personalized wristbands for your events: festivals, parties, concerts, associations, or sports events!

With more than 8 million wristbands in stock all year round, we guarantee constant availability to meet all your needs. As one of the leaders in Europe in the sale of identification wristbands, we sell more than 30 million units per year.

Our wristbands are designed to be worn around the wrist and are available in a variety of materials, such as fabric, Tyvek, silicone, and vinyl.

Whatever your needs, you can personalize your wristbands according to your tastes and the purpose of use. Whether you want personalized wristbands for specific occasions or simply original models, visit our website to discover the variety of items offered by EuropaBand.

Featured Products

  • Tyvek Wristbands: Ideal for short-term events, these indestructible paper wristbands are economical and available in several colors and patterns.
  • Silicone Wristbands: Perfect for awareness campaigns and sports events, they are comfortable and customizable with logos and messages.
  • Fabric Wristbands: Mainly used for festivals and long-term events, these wristbands are durable and can include security closures.
  • Vinyl Wristbands: Robust and water-resistant, they are perfect for water parks and outdoor events.

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Europaband offers a wide range of event wristbands

Europaband is a platform that offers you a plethora of items, but specifically low-cost personalised event wristbands. The wristbands offered on this site are made from a variety of materials and are tailored to your needs. They include

Tyvek wristbands without branding

These wristbands are designed in a 0.19 cm format that you can adjust to widen up to 2.5 cm. They enable you to reduce crowds at your events. Crowds are often the cause of many incidents at events, so you have the opportunity to minimise them.

Thanks to these wristbands, you have total control over how guests enter and leave the venue. All you have to do is let in only those who have the event wristbands you have made available to your guests.

This will also relieve your security staff, who will no longer need to keep notebooks or shelves with the names of people authorised to enter your event.

What's more, most of the time there are minor complications linked to the spelling or pronunciation of a name on the list. You can now concentrate on the most essential aspects of your event, such as guest safety, managing and welcoming journalists and keeping your participants happy.

As tyvek event wristbands are unbranded, they can be reused after the event. You can personalise them by adding an inscription, for example. These are just some of the advantages of tyvek wristbands without branding.

Tyvek wristbands with black branding

This model of wristband offered by Europaband enables you to prevent fraudsters from taking part in your event. They are particularly useful for relatively short events.

You can have a logo or a small text written on the wristbands to increase security on the day of your event. The personalised nature of the wristbands means you can keep reproductions to a minimum.

These items are designed very quickly, giving you a head start in the event of unforeseen circumstances or changes at your event. Registration can take up to two days. They are simple to put on. In fact, they have a very strong adhesive fastener.

They are therefore complex to decipher. You can concentrate on other aspects of your event thanks to evening bracelets.

Fabric wristbands

These are advertising wristbands that allow you to promote your events. They combine style, practicality and comfort. You can keep an eye on your participants. You can choose from a variety of colours.

What's more, you can choose several ways of fastening it, because event wristbands are easy to fasten or unfasten and they adapt to the size of your wrist. You can choose to tie the fabric wristband, or have metal or plastic rings attached.

You can choose from a range of fabric wristbands, including polyester wristbands (cheap personalised event wristbands), satin sublimation fabric wristbands and woven wristbands in QR Code and barcode styles.

Silicone wristbands

These wristbands are elastic and are not easily lost. Also, unlike rubber items, these bracelets do not require the use of latex. It's practical and you can keep it as a souvenir. You can choose silicone bracelets with branding or silicone bracelets with holes.

Synthetic wristbands

These wristbands are made from a non-toxic material. This is done to respect the environment. They're available on a roll, but are still easy to put on for young and old alike. You can personalise them and use them for your events.

Slap wristbands

All you need to do to fasten them is flick your wrist. You'll love this type of wristband because it's so fun to wear. Like other event wristbands, they can be customised on request.

Characteristics of the bracelets

Both personalised and event wristbands have a number of features.


These wristbands are strong. You can use them over a long period without any problems. What's more, they remain just as sturdy even after daily use or contact with water.

Value for money

They're available at affordable prices.


They're light and practical. You don't even notice they're there. They don't restrict your movements in any way. What's more, the materials used in their design don't cause irritation, and you can tighten or widen them to suit your needs and the size of your wrist. 

Wristbands available in a range of colours

The wristbands on the Europaband website are available in a wide range of colours. When you order, you can choose the colours that suit you best. These include

Fluorescent green: this colour is quite eye-catching y and ideal if you like bright colours.

Pink: this colour is very popular with women. It's very feminine and looks great whatever colour you're wearing.

Blue: this is a very simple, sober and uncluttered colour.

Grey: this colour is quite simple and understated, but still chic.

White: this colour is very elegant and looks good on everyone, whatever their gender.

In addition to these colours, there are dozens more to choose from. Whatever your taste, you'll find a colour that suits you perfectly.

The price of Europaband wristbands

The personalised event wristbands offered by the Europaband website are available at a lower price. Prices depend on the quantity of wristbands purchased and the material used.

The price range for synthetic wristbands is between €0.174 and €0.284. If you order 4,800 wristbands, the unit price is €0.174. On the other hand, an order of 600 wristbands will cost you €0.284 each.

The principle is the same for all varieties of wristbands. As far as slap bracelets are concerned, orders of 500 or more cost €1.62, but orders of 5,000 or more are discounted to €1.10 each.

The least expensive fabric bracelets of all varieties are sold at €0.540 for orders of 100 bracelets or more. The most expensive bracelets in the range are available at €1.60 for orders of 50 or more.