Ecological Lanyards

Ecological Lanyards

Europaband, your manufacturer of quality event necklaces, offers you a selection of eco-friendly models. These are customizable advertising lanyards made from eco-friendly materials including RPET polyester, cotton and bamboo.

Choose from a range of eco-friendly necklaces of uncompromising quality.

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Personalised badge lanyards in RPET polyester

Polyester may be a household word, but many people are still unfamiliar with the acronym RPET and its meaning. It stands for Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate.

In plain English, it's simply recycled polyester. Concerned about the future of our planet, the Europaband team decided to design customised necklaces in RPET polyester. To this day, RPET remains one of the major raw materials for recycling in industry.

As well as protecting the environment, RPET polyester has the same quality and strength as new fibres. In our range of RPET polyester badge lanyards, you can choose between the classic four-colour model, the four-colour Lanyards with a safety clip, the four-colour event lanyard with a detachable clip and the four-colour lanyard with a safety clip and a detachable clip at the same time.

Eco-friendly cotton Lanyards

Europaband also offers organic cotton models so that you can promote your brand image through environmentally-friendly lanyards. Cotton is certainly the most popular natural fibre in the world. Highly prized in the textile world, it combines a number of qualities, including breathability, softness and resistance. For some of our eco-friendly Lanyards, your manufacturer has opted for organically grown cotton.

Like RPET polyester, organic cotton is a 100% ecological material. It grows on soil that retains water better, limiting external irrigation. It is also free from chemical substances. Don't forget that a lanyard can come into direct contact with the skin. So it's best to opt for a safe, healthy material like organic cotton.

Eco-friendly, customisable lanyards made from bamboo

Bamboo fibre is also one of the materials used by Europaband for this eco-friendly collection. Bamboo is the ecological plant par excellence. In particular, it is capable of releasing 30% more oxygen than trees. Its root system prevents erosion. Its leaves ensure better water infiltration. And that's not all: it requires no fertiliser to grow properly. It's also a renewable resource. Here you'll find customisable Lanyards made from this natural wonder.

Inexpensive ecological Lanyards

Made from RPET polyester, organic cotton or bamboo, the event lanyards in this range offer excellent value for money. As you can see, costs are accessible to all budgets. What's more, customisation and carabiners are included, whatever model you choose.